Our Mission


The Never Forget Project’s mission is to support the families of the FDNY who have been effected by the devastating attacks in NYC on September 11, 2001.  Our goal is to Educate, Collaborate and Commemorate the FDNY members who served in the rescue and recovery efforts.  The NFP will provide continuous support to these members and families through donations to Non-Profit organizations that support the members and families of the FDNY.

The Never Forget Project will work to aid the FDNY family which has been gravely affected by the attacks and recovery efforts of September 11, 2001. The exposure to various toxins as a result of these attacks have lead to a wide range of illnesses that have classified FDNY members permanently disabled, terminally ill and living with long term irreversible health conditions.

For the families of FDNY and their brave and selfless members, the NFP will bring to life their continued realities, both tragic and triumphant through education, collaboration and commemoration.

Our mission is to honor the brave and selfless members of the FDNY and their families by bringing to life the continued realities these members and their families face everyday.  The NFP will Educate, Collaborate and Commemorate the FDNY members and their families through the financial support of our underwriters, contributors and patrons. Through the sale of commemorative clothing, partner support and individuals, the NFP will donate 100% of profits after expenses to ensure the continued support for the families and members of the FDNY. Above photo by Jack Montgomery.




Develop Partnerships with Organizations

Team with Non-Profits to continue funding mechanisms of support

Camp Kieve

Tuesday’s Children

Friends of Firefighters




Provide Awareness on long term health impacts of toxin exposure

Over 110 deaths to date

Cancer rates


James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act

Economic Realities of the FDNY families effected by 9/11

Loss of Income

Health Care Costs



Create a line of apparel to commemorate the brave and selfless members of FDNY